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(Palm, PPC)

Audiobook (mp3)

At mancan.net you can order the book “The Secet to Male Multiple Orgasm and other sex skills,” in various versions. The following is true of all versions: the content is the same (144 pages and 20 illustrations). But each version has its advantages as well:


The classic paper version. If you’re the kind who likes to hold a real book in your hands, then this version is the right one for you. Produced by Lulu Publishing, on high-quality paper. This version is best suited as a present. And as a wedding present, for example, it’s not just good for a quick laugh, but will have a lasting impact on the couple’s entire future. Just think about that ;)

Paperback: $ 19,50 (24,50) (+shipping)



Ebook - PDF

Those who buy the PDF version receive 2 versions of this common used format, which can be opened on any PC, MAC or Linux computer. The Acrobat Reader software is, more than likely, already on your computer. If not, you can download the program for free. Simply click on the link further below.

One PDF-version is optimized for viewing on a computer monitor. The other is optimized for printing. There’s a version made purposefully for printing, so that the same layout is guaranteed on all computer/printer combinations.

The monitor version offers the possibility of jumping to the particular chapters directly through bookmarks. In addition, you can search for specific concepts directly within the document. Optimal for laptop owners, who’ll always have the ebook with them .


The printing version contains a total of 71 double pages. The result is the same layout as in the book version, no matter what computer and what printer the data are printed with. This produces a look and feel that is similar to the book version. In addition, you can choose which pages should be printed out.

So, for example, you can read the theoretical section onscreen, and only print out the pages for a given exercise. The PDF-versions offer the greatest degree of flexibility and the greatest comfort when navigating inside the book.

As a buyer of the PDF-ebooks, you’ll get both versions!

SPECIAL OFFER: PDF-Version: $ 14,80 (19,50)

Ebook - PDA (Palm & PocketPC)

The PDA version is optimal for all users of handheld units (PalmOS and PPC). That way, the secret knowledge is always along for the ride, for mobile reading.

This version also contains all illustrations, as well as the complete set of bookmarks, for quick navigation among the chapters.

For this version, the Acrobat Reader for mobile devices is required, which you can download for free using the link below.

The PDF and PDA versions are ready for you to download directly. No shipping cost and no annoying wait!

You can start reading and practicing within 5 minutes! Besides that, these versions are the “stealth options,” since no one will be able to see the book.

And once again:
Unlimited money-back guarantee! No risk for you!

PDA-Version: $ 14,80 (19,50)

Kindle Version on Amazon.com

If you own a Kindle device or the Kindle-app for IOS or Android this version is perfect for you.

Professionally produced for the Kindle and the Kindle-APP this version offers all the benefits and ease of use kindle-users are used to.

Buy directly on amazon.com:

KINDLE Version on amazon


Audio Book on MP3 (coming 2012)

No time or desire to read? Then the audio book is right for you! Read by the author, the explanation of the MO-technique (multi-orgasm technique) is fast and entertaining.

The MP3s contain an unabridged edition of the book. You’ll find all the illustrations from the book in the accompanying booklet.


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The Adobe Reader for PC, Mac, Linux, Palm and PocketPC can be found here:


Interested in the writing style?

Here are 2 reading samples



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