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You need help in the following area:

Displaying the ebook

To open the PDF-file, you need the widely available Adobe Reader (previously called the Acrobat Reader). This is available for free, for a majority of platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, PalmOS, and many others). When opening the ebook, you’ll be asked for a password. You’ll get this after your purchase on the download page. Further information and tips for viewing on your screen can be found in the ebook itself.

Printing the ebook

The printing version that you get in addition when you buy the PDF-version is optimized for printing. With the double-page layout, you get the “look and feel” of the book version. Simply print the document with the standard settings, and, if applicable, restrict the number of pages to be printed. Careful! The page numbers do not reflect those in the book, since there are always two book pages on a single printed page. Pay attention to the page number that Adobe shows you.

Forgot your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, then write a short e-mail to info@mancan.net with the subject “Password,” from the email account that you gave when paying. Mobile versions of the ebook (PDAs, Palm, Pocket PC)

Mobile Version des Ebooks (PDA's. Palm, Pocket PC)

Installation instructions for PDAs:

For viewing on a PDA, you need the mobile version of Adobe Reader. You can get this for free here. Simply choose the desired platform (PalmOS/PocketPC).