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What are the advantages of the ebook compared to the print version?

1. You can begin reading immediately following your purchase.

2. If you’re on the road a lot with a laptop or PDA, then you can always have the ebook with you, without having to drag the book along with you.

3. Navigation is very simply and fast. You can jump directly to training units, without having to flip through the book and look for them.

4. You can print out particular pages (for example, training units), to do some “unplugged” reading in your bedroom.

Why “the secret”?

What do you mean, “secret knowledge”? Sure, it’s not secret knowledge, but only the fewest men know about it, which is why I chose this title. Since one doesn’t hit on it in one’s own sexual development, and since there are only a very few books that deal with the topic, it’s not very widespread. If anything at all is written about this topic in a sex guidebook, then it’s usually only a brief description. At mancan.net, you get a complete and efficient training program, and with it, a real bit of “secret knowledge.”

I am over 50 years old… can I still learn the technique?

Age plays no role when it comes to learning the MO-technique (multi-orgasm technique)! The training is highly recommended for older people especially, since it prevents prostate problems as a positive side-effect, and improves erection ability. And all of this for the price of a single Viagra!

How long does the training last?

Many men have their first multi-orgasmic experiences after 1-2 weeks. For most men, it lasts between 2-5 months. Once you learn it, you can have this ability for your entire life. The training program is highly efficient, and you can learn this ability with a minimum of effort. Only a few minutes per day are sufficient.

Can I really come as often as I want?

Basically, yes! The only thing is that quantity shouldn’t become the measure of your accomplishment. More important is the intensity of the orgasm and the ability to work in harmony with your partner. The MO-technique is applied in different ways. Many multi-orgasmic men use the technique to prevent premature ejaculation (with a small orgasm at the start), and then have an easier time timing the second orgasm to coincide with that of their partner. How you apply the MO-technique is up to you, according to your preferences and situation.

What are whole-body orgasms?

Whole-body orgasms are orgasms that include not only the pelvic area, but flood the entire body with energy. In the book, you’ll learn techniques that will teach you how you can spread the orgasms to your entire body, and control your sexual energy.

Is this whole thing a joke?

Absolutely NOT! Sure, the book is very wittily written, but the content is “highly potent”! And that’s why there’s also a satisfaction guarantee. More about that on the order page.

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